Newton's second law experiment

x = 0.75 m Time elapsed: 0 s

Mass in cart: g

Hanging mass: g

Experimental procedure:

Default travel distance for the cart is 0.75 m. Note down this number as you will use it later. This distance you do not have to change.

(a) Constant Object Mass - Varying Applied Force

We keep the mass of the cart constant and increase the hanging mass (effectively increasing the force).

1) use the slider bar to load the cart with 500-g mass.

2) set the hanging mass to 1g by moving the slider

3) Click the start button. The cart and the hanging mass will start to move.

4) Wait for the cart to stop. Note down the time shown (time elapsed).

4) Click the 'Reset' button, that will put the cart in the original position.

5) Repeat the experiment by increasing the value of the hanging mass (do it for 5 different values).

6) Make a table as in your lab manual.

(b) Constant Applied Force - Varying Object Mass

In this part, we are going to keep the hanging mass constant and increase the mass of the cart system. Thus, the applied force is constant while the object mass increases.

1) Load the cart with a 100-g mass using the slider bar.

2) use the slider bar and set the hanging mass as 5g

3) Record the distance (d = 0.75 m, default)

4) Click 'Start' to release the cart and record the time once it stopped.

5) Repeat the experiment by increasing the mass on the cart.

6) Make a table and do the calculations and the graph as in the manual.